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Named after the word "brave" in Finish (rohkea) and also fitting with Lettie and Row

This piece was inspired by Finland and the beautiful art pieces and wall hangings I saw when I was there. It was in Finland where I first took some big, brave steps in my life and I'm forever grateful for the impact those steps have had. You can read more about Finland and how it's a part of Lettie and Row's story here.

The beads are beautifully handmade by artisans from all over the world and then  designed + placed on 38" leather cord by me, Sabrina. I tie the leather cord in a such a way so you can make it shorter/longer according to your preference! 

The beads are mostly all wood with one glass cylinder bead. This is such a unique and fun necklace! Truly wearable art!

My favorite ways to wear it: with a jumpsuit and with a solid colored shirt + jeans.


Note: because of the nature of handmade beads these beads will be imperfect, some may have spots or dents or be slightly different in shape/size. It only adds to the beauty and uniqueness!