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We use genuine leather sourced from Italy. Along with Piñatex®, an innovative natural textile made in the Philippines from pineapple leaf fiber. The leaves are the byproduct of existing agriculture, and using them benefits farming communities with additional income.

Recycled Glass

We use recycled glass beads sourced from Ghana, Africa, where they are handmade. Techniques used to make these recycled glass beads are centuries old! 

One technique grinds down glass remnants from broken drink/perfume bottles, windows, jars, and other waste packaging into a fine powder by hand. This powder is placed in a mold made of compacted, dried mud and sand. A cassava plant stem is then used to make the hole (the stem stays put during the firing process in the kiln and burns away leaving the hole).

We love that these beads are handmade by artisans from recycled material and are sustainable.


All wooden beads are handmade in Africa. Larger pieces of wood like our key chains or earrings (anything other than beads) are handmade from reclaimed wood in North Carolina by Sabrina's (the founder of Lettie and Row) father-in-law Keith Pursley. He is an incredible artist and it is such a gift to partner with him!


Clay beads may be the earliest form of bead ever made! Our clay beads are handmade by talented artisans Egypt. Water, oil and tree gum are added to the clay mixture to help it stick together during firing. The clay is then shaped and designs are carved into the surface using either a hacksaw blade or shard of glass. After all of this the beads are then fired in an open charcoal brazier (a small stove).

We also use polymer clay (which is extremely lightweight!).

Horn + Bone

Any animal materials we use are always naturally shed or recycled. Handmade beads made from horn, bone, and many other natural materials (even ostrich eggshells!) have a long history in Africa which is where source our handmade beads from!

Gold-Plated + Gold-Filled

We use both gold-plated and gold-filled. For our larger pieces like hoops and statement necklaces we typically use gold-plated jeweler's brass and for smaller pieces, like our dainty necklaces we use gold-filled materials. 

Both gold-filled and gold-plated contain gold, but in different quantities. The longevity of either type depends on the wear, care, and environment, but generally gold-filled pieces are more durable than gold-plated due to the thicker layer of gold alloy. Both may tarnish over time, but as long as the piece is well cared for, gold-filled jewelry can last a lifetime.

Brass + Stainless Steel

Brass, an environmentally conscious material, is used on many of our designs. Our studs are made out of stainless steel (great for those with sensitive ears!). All of our materials are always nickel-free.