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Welcome to Lettie + Row.

I am Sabrina, founder, creator, and operator of Lettie + Row. I live in NYC with my husband, our three daughters, and our dog.

I have always loved creating and designing. As a little girl I would make bracelets out of flowers, find beauty in mud-pies, and could walk around a craft-store for days.

After my second daughter was born in 2016 I found myself needing a creative outlet and on a whim I bought some leather to make earrings.

Aside from the flower-bracelets I made as a child I had never made any type of jewelry before, but immediately my love for fashion and creating found an intersection in designing and making jewelry.

I quickly found myself jotting down new designs to try, thinking of different materials to use, and in the small amount of free time I had you could find me making earrings.

There is something so beautiful to me about the uniqueness of each pair of handmade earrings. The slight imperfections, the love + care that goes into each pair, and how no two pairs are exactly alike.

In the same way (on a much, much larger scale) people are unique. I believe all people have inherent worth and value. We are all different, yet beautiful.

After six years of making earrings as a hobby, I decided to take a leap of faith and make it a business. My hope for Lettie + Row is that it would inspire creativity and encourage confidence. 

I have a deep passion for others knowing they have worth and value and I truly hope when you put on a pair of Lettie + Row earrings they remind you of your uniqueness, your beauty, and your value.

Thank you for being here!