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About Lettie + Row


I started making earrings shortly after my second daughter, Eleanor, was born. I loved my new role as mom, but to be honest I was overwhelmed with two kiddos under two. Before kids I felt so confident about my style and who I was, but my new journey into motherhood had me questioning everything—my clothes, my hair, even my home decor.

I started wondering what happened?! Who am I?!

As a young girl I loved to play dress up. Not with princess dresses, but with my normal, everyday clothes. Basically I would spend hours putting together outfits (mismatched patterns were my favorite!). This is still something I love to do as an adult.

Closet Shopping is what I call it. I pull out a bunch of clothes from my closet and make outfits out of what I already have. Sometimes I think, “I’ve worn all of these things together already…” but somehow I always find new combinations and although it may seem silly I love doing it! To me, fashion has always been a form of art—a way to express myself.

So one day after I miraculously got both of my daughters to nap at the same time I went Closet Shopping.

Twenty minutes and several new outfit combinations later I was reminded of my love for fashion, creating, and problem-solving. Somewhere in between diaper changes and nap-time schedules I forgot about those things.

Feeling inspired by my new outfit combinations I decided to make something to go with them.

Having sensitive ears I always steered away from big, statement earrings because they made my ears itchy and sore, but I thought a pair of gold earrings would go great with one of my “new” outfits.

After rounding up some supplies I made myself a pair of lightweight, leather earrings with 14K-gold earring hooks. My sensitive ears felt great! Not itchy or weighed down—I honestly forgot they were there (and they went great with that “new” outfit ;)!

I thought I’d make some for myself and then be done, but making earrings became something I loved doing. I’d wake up before my daughters to make a few pairs and stay up late creating new designs.

As I grew in my confidence as a mom I also grew in my confidence as a creative. Inspired most by nature, I’d jot down earring designs when I was at the playground with my daughters or when we’d take walks through the city. Texture, colors, and light. Ah! I love it.

Years later I turned my hobby into a business and launched Lettie and Row. Handmade jewelry designed for your sensitive ears.

When I think back to when I was a new mom and went Closet Shopping. It wasn’t the “new outfits” that inspired me to make earrings, it was the act of doing something I loved, something that made me feel like me.

What makes you feel like you? Do those things. Wear those things.

You are unique and have your own things like “Closet Shopping” that makes you you. You matter and I want you to feel confident in who you are as a person and in how you express yourself through your style.

Each Lettie and Row piece is handmade by me with this in mind. You are unique, you matter. Wear things that express that!


  • I'm Sabrina, founder and creator of Lettie and Row
  • I live in NYC with my husband and our three daughters
  • I love all things fashion
  • I collect spoons
  • I'm probably drinking re-heated coffee right now :)
  • You can find me on Instagram @lettieandrow + @sabpursley


The name Lettie + Row comes from Lehti (Finnish for "leaf") and Sparrow. Read the full blog post on how this became the name.