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Things I'm Currently Loving

Times are weird, the world feels upside down, and my heart is often a bit heavy these days. Here are some things helping me out right now:

1. Some Call Me Crunchy.

I've been using Some Call Me Crunchy products for about a month now and I just can't get enough of them. I first bought the Trial Kit and fell in love with everything in it. 

I've always had a skincare routine, but these products are bringing me so much life right now. I think part of it is being away from my actual home. I'm really missing the comforts of home and wanted my skincare routine to feel like a self-care routine and these products do just that.

My skin feels amazing (I can really see a difference in my skin over the past month!) and I actually look forward to using these products.

Some of my favorites so far:

  • Cleansing Oil (my makeup just melts off my face!)
  • Eye Serum (I tend to have puffy under-eyes and this has helped so much with that!)
  • Complexion Mist (I like the smell of lavender + rose better, but the calendula + frankincense has helped the redness on my face so much! Both are great!)
  • Soothe Facial Serum 
  • Lip Balm (Probably the best chapstick I've ever used!)

I just bought some as Mother's Day gifts! Not only are these amazing, but I love supporting small businesses too. I highly recommend Some Call Me Crunchy!

2. A Catch-All Bowl.

We left our home in NYC over a month ago to quarantine ourselves in Virginia. We're very thankful, but I've really started to miss simple things that make our home home. Clutter also makes my insides crawl and since we "moved" into an almost empty house without dressers or much furniture the house by default look unorganized and a bit cluttered. 

I picked up a small bowl the other day when I was grocery shopping to hold my bobby pins, chapstick (Some Call Me Crunchy Lip Balm!), earrings, hair-ties, etc. All the things that were just sitting on my make-shift nightstand.

It's made that little space look put together and just seeing a pretty bowl holding things instead of everything scattered about has helped so much. It's the little things, ya know? 

3. The Sybil Necklace. 

I've said this before, but I just love this necklace. The small, recycled glass bead is truly reminding me of perseverance and how broken things like old, broken bottles can be made new and beautiful, like a gorgeous glass bead. It's just a really great reminder for me right now.

4. Milk Frother.

If you follow my personal account on Instagram you know how much I love my milk-frother! Ha! I left it in NYC and have really been missing it so my sweet, sweet mom gifted me one and this thing is amazing! I love my hand-held one at home, but she bought me this fancy guy and holy moly, what a treat!

5. Light of Your Love by Ellie Holcomb.

Goodness I love her new album. We've loved her children's album Sing: Creation Songs that came out two years ago and now Sing: Remembering Songs is just so, so good too.

These songs feel so timely. I love listening to them with my girls, but honestly I listen to them even without my girls around. I know they're technically kid songs, but I just love them so much. Light of Your Love is my favorite right now, but I love all of them!

She talks a little bit about making this album here.

6. Becoming Better Grownups

My friend Courtney recommended this book a few weeks ago in Episode 1 of All The Best Days AT HOME (please do yourself a favor and watch. She has two more episodes as well. These videos are giving me so much life!)

I'm only a few chapters in and it's such a great read. The illustrations are also really fun. The author, Brad Montague, went on a "Listening Tour" and heard from kiddos all over the country about what they thought of grown ups and then he wrote a book about it!

This book has been a fun little escape in between zoom calls and listening to my daughters ask, "Can I have a snack?" for the 15th time before 10am. :)

Those are a few things helping me out right now. What's getting you through these challenging times? I'd love to hear!

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