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Eight Helpful Things If You're Kinda Losing It Right Now

Here's a round up of some things I've listened to/read/watched/experienced that have helped me not totally lose it this week. :)


This is super helpful if you worked from home before the pandemic, but I think anyone could take something from this!

It's just so helpful. I can't wait for Part 2. 

On a personal note, I gave up complaining about NYC for lent. New York City is the most amazing city *in my opinion of course, but also it's true :)* but I had grown weary of how challenging it can be to live there (especially with three small kiddos). I was frustrated and even if I wasn't complaining out-loud (which I did, often) I was grumbling as I lugged groceries up three flights of stairs or collapsed the stroller to get on the bus. I honestly just didn't enjoy being around myself anymore. 

So for lent I decided to stop complaining about the city I truly did love so much. Then COVID-19 happened and it became very easy to not complain anymore. I sobbed through this whole episode which was therapeutic in its own way. If you're not a New Yorker or have never been to NYC it may not hit you the same, but if you want a glimpse into what some/most New Yorkers are feeling have a listen.


Everything Erin creates is so good and this 10-day devotional is lovely to receive in my inbox every morning right now. 


These will make you laugh 'til you cry which is good for the soul always, but especially now.


  • Working out with Down Dog Apps.I don't have a set work-out routine normally. I used to be an avid runner, but four knee surgeries later and the doctor told me to find a different hobby. It just hasn't been a huge priority for me until now. My body is begging me to move so I've been doing the Down Dog Apps for the past six weeks and I really love them. My favorites are the HIIT and Barre. They're quick (or you can make them longer) so I just do them while my kiddos are eating breakfast. They're free til June 1st!

  • Writing out what everyone needs to do/get accomplished everyday. At night I set out a fresh sheet of paper. Then, in the morning after I have my coffee and read I make a new list. I draw three columns and two rows. Each family member gets their own box plus an "All Play" box where I put things like unload dishwasher, laundry, tidy living room. Then I fill in each box. I'll add whatever didn't get done from yesterday's list too. My husband and I write what we need to do work-wise and also what we want to do like workout or read. It's incredibly simple, but it's been really helpful to go and look at when we're not really sure what we need to be doing. 

  • Being ridiculously kind to myself. If I start to judge myself or become frustrated with how things "should" be going I ask myself, "What would I tell a friend if they were experiencing the same thing?" Often it's 10x kinder than what I'm telling myself. 

I hope some of these things help you out! Happy Friday!

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  • Be ridiculously kind to yourself. I’m here for that.

    I like the sound of the Down Dog apps – are they subscription based?

    Amy Shea

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