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Sensitive Ears?

Before I started making earrings back in 2016 I always found myself looking at beautiful earrings in stores or online, but because of my sensitive ears I hardly ever bought any of them.

If I ever did end up buying a pair (thinking, "these will be different for sure! They're so cute!") I found myself taking them out halfway through the day because my ears would become itchy and red or because the earrings were just way too heavy and my earlobes would hurt!

Then I would lose my earrings because I took them out, "Where did I put them?! In my purse? Did I leave them in my car?"

Can you relate? Are your ears sensitive to certain materials? Do you find yourself taking out your earrings halfway through the day because they're just too heavy?

This is a huge reason why I started making earrings!

I wanted fun, lightweight earrings I could wear all day and I needed them to be good quality so they didn't hurt my sensitive ears.

That's why all Lettie + Row earrings are extremely lightweight. Typically about 0.2 oz. (For reference, a slice of bread weighs about 1 oz--our earrings weigh less than a slice of bread!) and made with quality materials.

The gold earring wire or "fishhooks" used on all our big, statement earrings are made of 14K gold plated sterling silver (for gold) or Stainless Steel (for silver).

All our studs are made of Stainless Steel.

Lettie + Row designs with sensitive ears in mind! So no more taking out your earrings half-way through the day because they're so heavy. And no more itchy earlobes! Yay!

If you ever have a question about weight, material, or anything else please reach out! I would love to talk with you!


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