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Six Things Helping Me Right Now

My family and I left NYC over two weeks ago and have been self-quarantined in Virginia since then. Though I typically work from home everything looks way different now.

We weren't sure where we were going as we packed up so I tried my best to pack well but there are many, many things I wish I had packed. I'm giving myself grace though--I've never had to pack up because of a pandemic before. We're all taking it day by day, right?!

All that to say, everything looks way different for all of us now. Some find it helpful to still put on real clothes daily while others are totally fine in pajamas all day every day. People are baking bread, some have picked up hobbies like knitting, and parents have become homeschool teachers overnight.

I say, do what works of you! None of us really know how to do this because we've never done this before. I hope you're giving yourself grace too.

Here are some things I'm doing that I've found really helpful for me:

1. Get dressed. Even if it's comfy-clothes. I still find it super helpful to get out of my pj's and get dressed (I did not pack well in the clothing department so I'm wearing the same three outfits over and over again. How I wish I could talk to past-Sabrina and have her pack just a feeew more things, but alas, I cannot). 

2. Work out. I typically have a very active lifestyle, although my "workouts" look more like chasing kiddos on playgrounds, carrying the double-stroller up flights of stairs, or walking several blocks home from the store while carrying groceries. But since none of those things are currently happening I found myself becoming very antsy! I started using the Down Dog App and I am loving it! I can choose to do a super short work out (I'll do a 7 minute workout while my daughters are eating breakfast) or a longer one and it has helped me out so much! 

3. Wear jewelry. Although I am keeping it simple, I still find it gives me a bit of normalcy to put on a necklace or earrings every day. I've worn The Sybil Necklace the most. It was inspired by my great-grandmother (named Sybil, who my youngest daughter is named after!) who passed away last fall. She was such a strong woman who truly persevered.

The Sybil Necklace necklace is made of 14K gold-filled chain and a recycled glass bead. The beautiful, glass bead is handmade by artisans in Ghana from things like broken bottles, old windshields, + perfume bottles. Such a beautiful picture of beauty from ashes + making all things new.

I wear this necklace to not only give me some normalcy, but to remind me to keep going, to persevere.

The Theresa Studs have also been a go-to of mine. Small + fun. I've been wearing the multi-colored ones the most, but the granite has been a close second.

4. Stay connected. My friends and I are having virtual coffee dates over Zoom and FaceTime. This past weekend we even had a Virtual Baby Shower. It's really hard being away from loved ones, but technology really does feel like a gift these days. I've also started a journal specifically documenting this time for myself and my family. It's helping me stay connected to myself in some strange, comforting way.

5. Know my limits with news + social media. Some days I've just had to put my phone away because I could feel my anxiety rising. It's okay to not take in information all day long--do what you need to do.

6. Skin-Care Routine. I haven't changed up my skin care routine in a while, mostly because I liked it and didn't feel the need to do anything differently. But my skin is super sensitive and reactive to stress and all of a sudden it felt like none of the products I was using were helping me out. So a few days after being in Virginia I ordered a trial-kit from Some Call Me Crunchy and I love it. Highly recommend!


What's helping you out right now? I'd love to know!

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