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Date Night In

My husband, Matt, and I were talking last night and he said, “I just miss going and grabbing a coffee with you or just walking around the city together. I miss taking you out on dates, ya know?”

Earlier in the day I was on a video call with some fellow small business owners and the idea of a “Fancy Dinner”, where the whole family dresses up and sits down to a “fancy dinner”, was brought up.

As Matt was talking the “Fancy Dinner” idea came to mind.

“What if we have a date night in?” I asked. 

“Not like a movie night in comfy clothes though. Instead, we act like we are going out and then turn our kitchen table into a restaurant or coffee shop.”

“Like right now we’d go get dressed up, act like we’re going out, but really meet at the kitchen table?” He asked.

“Exactly!” I said.

He laughed, and said, “Lets do it. I’ll pick ya up tomorrow at 8.” ;)

I know it’s a weird time. We’re missing the things we took for-granted before like a quick trip to our favorite coffee shop or a night out with friends, but what if we did some creative problem solving?

Maybe a “Fancy Dinner” isn’t for you, but gathering all your girlfriends for a “Girls Night” over a Google Hangout or FaceTime is.

I just hung up from a Zoom call with friends from Texas, NYC, and upstate NY. One friend just sent a group text this morning and said, “Grab your coffee and join if you can!”

There was nothing fancy, just friends drinking coffee together over the internet…and it was exactly what I needed.

Happy Friday, friends! Stay safe and think creatively.


Cheering you on,


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